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Visit us at Amper 2013, International Trade Fair of Electrotechnics, Electronics, Automation and Communication Technologies 2013-02-21

MICRORISC, a leading provider of wireless technologies, specializing in research, development, export and distribution of the latest electronic components and modules, is pleased to invite you to the Amper 2013 trade fair in Brno, The Czech Republic, held 19 - 22 March 2013.

At booth P 019 we will present:

•   IQRF - Complete technology for wireless mesh networks

IQRF is a proven, reliable and easy to use technology, providing wireless communication in mesh networks to electronic products, making them smarter. Low total system cost, open protocol, no license fees and extra low power is the best choice for engineers with programming skills who like to have things under their control.

•   IQRF Smart House - Wireless technology for intelligent building automation

IQRF Smart House is a technology for manufacturers of home automation systems, appliances and electronic products, providing wireless communication to their products, making them smarter. Programming free integration of wireless communication ensures a short time to market.
The technology is managed by IQRF Smart House Alliance providing its continuing development, alliance member’s support and interoperability of compatible devices. The Alliance helps manufacturers to focus on their specialty without wasting valuable time on reinventing an RF solution. Use of the technology enables members of IQRF Smart House Alliance to address a wider market and to sell more products at no extra development costs.

•  IQVCP - Visual control panels to enhance products and user interface 

Standalone, built-in, or customized touch visual control panels help manufacturers of home automation systems, appliances and electronic products to extend their overall functionality and enhance user interface.
Intelligent IQVCP panels reduce system costs by reducing mechanical control elements, thanks to visual touch control. Identical panels can be used in various products allowing a different look and control just by modifying the firmware. Built-in IQRF transceiver modules allow the IQVCP to connect with and control wireless networks such as IQRF Smart House.

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